Benchmarking Groups

The Benchmarking Groups are a new style of working groups for ECI members to get involved, share their expertise, and produce a standard report to help elevate the E&C field. The goal of each group is to focus on best practices in a specific compliance topic, study the problem, compile data, and write a report to be published and distributed to the ECI community.

Subject matter expert co-chairs will lead 20-25 participants, drawn from ECI’s membership, which consists of senior and mid-level ethics and compliance professionals. Each group will meet monthly for one-hour over three to six months and, guided by the co-chairs, formulate the report. At the conclusion of the meeting series, the group will write an executive summary, made available to the public, and four-page report, made available to ECI members. 

The report will be combined with a webcast, research data, and member samples to form a one-stop shop toolkit for the topic.

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Ask anyone in your workplace what treatment they most want from their bosses and coworkers at work. They will likely top their list with the desire for their employer and coworkers to treat them as if they have dignity and with respect. However, as noted in recent headlines, civility and respect in the workplace is "at risk" and deteriorating at a rapid pace. Discussion includes ways to encourage the practice of speaking truth to power and holding leaders accountable, leveraging respect as a pathway to healthy organizational culture, and, most importantly, developing and implementing practical strategies to nurture respect, dialogue and civility in the context of ethics and compliance. This group will consider the root causes and E&C impacts of this important movement. Join or view group community.

Artificial Intelligence will have a tremendous impact on the practice of ethics and compliance. Many companies are already using AI applications to check for regulatory issues in data sets. However, AI will also present ethics challenges to business in terms of data governance, applications and privacy. This group will explore the emerging landscape of artificial intelligence and the opportunities and risks it represents for work in the ethics and compliance space.Join or view group community.

The first principle of high quality ethics and compliance programs is an integration of organizational strategy with ethics and compliance. What is organizational strategy and how is it developed and applied in ethics and compliance? This group will also consider the strategic impact of organizational disruption, particularly as related to the effects of mergers and acquisitions on compliance programs. Join or view group community.

Preventing bribery and corruption is an "evergreen" topic in the ethics and compliance space. In this group, we will consider the current state of bribery and corruption from a global perspective, discuss future trends in this area, and explore emerging strategies and tactics to identify and deal with bribery and corruption risks. View group community.

Retaliation for reporting misconduct continues to be problematic for ethics and compliance programs and organizations-at-large across the globe. The E&C practice has made strides in dealing with the issue, but much remains to be done. This group will discuss the leading practices that are reducing the incidence and impact of retaliation and what research and insights we leverage to take anti-retaliation measures to the next level. Join or view group community.

Risk Assessment identifies and evaluates risks based on the structure of your business, operations, competitor practices and locations in which an organization does business. Your company's good name and the trust of stakeholders are two of its most important assets. But how do you protect your company's reputation and increase employee engagement? This group will focus on the risk assessment process and further discuss the necessary steps that need to be taken to ensure your risk assessment is carried out successfully. Join or view group community.

Most organizations today provide training on ethics & compliance for their employees. But what actually works? How do you keep it fresh? What new approaches and technologies are emerging? This benchmarking group will begin with discussion of the ECI’s newly released training report, and insights from the recent ECI Best Practice Forum on training. The group will further discuss training methods that members find to be most effective. Join or view group community.

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