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To white list  and on your email account follow these steps:

If you’re not receiving email you are expecting, there are two things you can do:

  1. Use the "Not Spam" button in your Bulk folder.

  2. Create a filter to automatically send email from certain domains to your Inbox. This is the only way to really ensure delivery.

Report as "Not Spam"

  1. Check your Yahoo! Bulk folder

  2. If you see the ECOA email, highlight it and click "Not Spam"

  3. This does not guarantee that your mail will be delivered in the future, but it does help.

Create a Filter

  1. Click "Options" in the top right navigation bar

  2. Select "Mail Options" from the list that drops down

  3. Choose "Filters" located on the left side of the page

  4. Click the "Add" button on the Filters page

  5. Choose the field you want to match in the incoming message. For example, "header" or "to".

  6. Choose the criterion by which you want a match to be made, such as "contains"

  7. Enter the text string to compare. For example: from

  8. Choose the destination folder to which you would like the message delivered. For example: Inbox