Hotmail, MSN, or Windows Live

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To white list  and on your email account follow these steps:

In the new Hotmail you must "Mark sender as safe" to enable hyperlinks even in text emails and images in HTML emails. Entering the email contact in the address book or contacts no longer whitelists the sender. To ensure messages from specific email addresses are not sent to your Junk Email folder, you can do one of two things:

  1. Check the "Junk" folder if you do not see the in your inbox

  2. Click the "Mark as safe" link

  3. Add to your Safe List

Mark Sender as Safe


  1. Click "Show content" to view the body of the email if it contains images and HTML

  2. Click "Mark as safe"

  3. Will now be added to your list of "Safe senders"

Manually Add to Safe List

  1. Click "Options" in the upper right corner of your Hotmail screen

  2. In the Body of the page under "Junk e-mail" click the link "Safe and blocked senders"

  3. Click the link "Safe senders"

  4. Enter the email address

  5. Click "Add to list"