Fellows Working Groups

The Fellows Working Groups are working groups for ECI Fellow Members to get involved, share their expertise, and produce a standard report to help elevate the E&C field. The goal of each group is to focus on best practices in a specific compliance topic, study the problem, compile data, and write a report to be published and distributed to the ECI community.

Subject matter expert co-chairs will lead 15-20 participants, drawn from ECI’s Fellows membership, which consists of senior and mid-level ethics and compliance professionals. Each group will meet monthly for one-hour over three to six months and, guided by the co-chairs, formulate the report. At the conclusion of the meeting series, the group will write an executive summary, made available to the public, and four-page report, made available to ECI members. 

The report will be combined with a webcast, research data, and member samples to form a one-stop shop toolkit for the topic.
Organizations that are committed to establishing an ethical culture and helping employees make ethical decisions should be keenly interested in behavioral ethics. The working group has reviewed and discussed seminal academic research concerning the fascinating and important field of behavioral ethics. The group has applied this research to develop practical recommendations and guidance for ethics and compliance officers to use in managing their own organizations’ programs. This is an active working group that has published multiple monographs that have focused on the topics of peer influence and ethical fading, as well as the most monograph entitled, “Ethical Leadership and its Flip Side, Abusive Supervision." This monograph was presented at the Fellows’ meeting this past summer.  You can find it  HERE in the library! Join or view group community.

What does a comprehensive ethics and compliance program require from a capabilities perspective? This group will determine the skills necessary for current E&C personnel in a successful program. We will examine the range of tasks, the roles and positions, the capabilities required for each position and much more! Join or view group community.

How do you know what was prevented, or what didn't happen? What are the current metrics? Are they sufficient? This ECI Fellows Working Group will tackle the some of the big questions about how to measure the effectiveness of various program elements and how to best report these metrics to other stakeholders. Join or view group community. Join or view group community.

Middle Managers have a strong impact on ethical culture. Once Tone at the Top has been established, middle managers are the next in line to ensure an ethical culture can flourish. The working group will address the challenges facing middle managers.  In addition, we will analyze how middle management’s understanding of ethics and culture impacts the organization.  The aspiration of this group would be to produce a toolkit than can be utilized by organizations to ensure their ethical culture is reinforced by middle management. Join or view group community.


Questions or Interested in participating? Contact Casey@ethics.org

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